Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It seems now days parents are having a harder and harder time telling their kids no. A screaming child at the store gets a toy, simply because their parent won't say no. An entitled teen gets a new cell phone, simply because they won't be told no. This kind of ties in to my "Don't Let Your Kids Be Assholes" post, found here. This is one of those things that causes assholes kids. Just for clarification, no I don't think kids are assholes. I think that can be very bratty, assholes just seems to cover more than bratty does, don't you think? ;)

It's ok to tell your kid no. It's ok that they don't get their way every single time.  It's ok if they cry and throw a fit because they didn't get something they wanted. You can't give them EVERYTHING all the time and sometimes that's a hard lesson for some parents to learn. It doesn't have to be an issue of if you can afford it, or if your child CAN have it. Fact is, you said no. End of story.

I feel like we are becoming weak as parents and more and more people are letting their kids run the show. You said no, and your kid throws a fit, so they get what they wanted before you said no? What kind of person is that teaching them to be? One day, they'll be at work, their boss will say no, they'll throw a fit and guess what? They'll lose their job. Their boss won't cave because little Henry threw himself to the floor because he couldn't have blue post-its instead of green ones.

Same with them being little. If YOU give them something, after you've said no, when they're with other people they take advantage of this. Which means what? Yep, that person has to deal with an asshole child. See where I'm going here? So, tell your kids no. Tell them yes! Let them EARN things, not demand them then throw a tantrum when they don't get what they want. It's not fair to them, and it's not fair to future them. It doesn't teach them anything, and it does nothing constructive but makes them be quiet for that brief moment until they forget about the thing they wanted in the first place. I bet you ten dollars that they will ask for something completely different and unrelated in 2 more minutes.

This isn't just about not having to get them something you don't really want to either. It's about teaching them manners. If your child wants something, and you have no problem giving it, give them a chance to earn it. They'll value it more if they have to do something to get it. Like, "if you behave in the store, and I don't have to get on to you at all the whole time we're here, we'll swing back by and pick it up." Or if you're leaving, " Tell you what, you help me clean the kitchen/living room/bathroom/bedroom, we can come back tomorrow and we will get it." Give them something to go for, don't just lay down and take the beating of little fists!!

I'm getting off subject, say no. It's ok. No one is going to die because your child throws a fit. :)

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