Friday, February 1, 2013

Don't let your kids be assholes.

There's something wrong with the way people parent nowadays. Kids are bullying beyond belief, getting in trouble for "tattling" about these issues, and what are parents doing? Making excuses. Parents are probably the root of this problem. Making comments about other people within earshot of kids, saying things to kids making it ok for your kids to say it to others. It's NOT ok.

There was an incident on the bus where a little boy screamed in my son's face, pushed him to the floor, sat on him, and said "hey girls look at this". Bus driver did nothing. We are constantly looking past what these children are doing to each other, and it's not ok. A friend of mine's daughter wanted to wear her "safe shirt" to school today because "it hurt less when the kids punch her in the arms" She couldn't tell a teacher because it was tattling.

Every time my son and nephew get into it, and one of them hits, or calls a name, or anything, I ask "How would you feel if (insert offense here) happened to you?" Usually, that gets the gears going, and they actually think before they do or say something to someone that might hurt their feelings.

It breaks my heart to see so many passive parents, so many parents that don't care about their kids, and don't teach them the effects of their actions. It's not ok to hit, it's not ok to call names, it's not ok to bully.

Teachers are too passive also. The fact that my friend's daughter can't "tattle" on the kids punching her combined with what my son's teacher did to him is appalling. My son's teacher was struggling with my son not being able to follow directions on a certain day, so she said "you want to act like a kindergartner, I'll treat you like one" and proceeded to call him a baby kindergartner. The other kids in class picked up on it, and started calling him a baby kindergartner. When I called the principal about the issue, he said "Oh, well I know she was having a bad day on Wednesday" It's no excuse. This is NOT ok. What is society coming to where teachers are essentially bullying kids, and nothing is being done about it. These are our example setters for our young minds, and now they can't even be trusted.

I digress. Don't let your kids be assholes, because they become asshole adults and the world is that much more of a sucky place to live. We can control our future, and right now, it's heading to a dark place. People are expected to raise perfect children just to release them to a world to tear them apart. Think about it. Be a better person.

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